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How much do wedding flowers cost?

How long is a piece of string?!  Costs will differ depending upon your requirements, flower choices and design preferences. Shoot me an email if you would like a general pricing guide, or give me a call for a chat about your needs, wants and budget and I will create a customised quote that reflects your vision.

How do I order wedding flowers?

Simple!  Just send us an email with your date and venue and we will send you out a pricing guide.  If you would like a rough quote, just send us a little more info around what style & flowers you have in mind and we will get back to you with an estimate.  If you would like to meet in person to discuss your plans and details, we are more than happy to book you in for a one on one meeting.

What is your process when it comes to working out our floral plan?

I find the best way to ensure we are on the same page is to meet in person.  I have a dedicated space in my shop where we can discuss in detail about everything you are visualizing for your special day. If you are just starting to think about flowers and not ready to meet in person, I am more than happy to talk over the internet through emails or a private message on Facebook or Instagram to help you out with the information you need.

What is your experience level in floristry?

I completed my floristry training at Marjorie Milner College and worked for several years at a reputable florist before deciding to take the plunge and pursue my dreams with my own business. I have been lucky enough to  win various awards over the past few years in this fantastic field, including First for a regional competition called World Skills and others.  As an added bonus, I have also completed a Bachelor degree in Design which is incredibly helpful when it comes to balance, proportion, spacing, etc.

Do I need to worry about the quality of flowers that I receive?

Absolutely not!  I use only the highest quality blooms and foliage, visiting the supplier directly to choose only those that are in peak condition, with no bruising, damage or diseases. As an added precaution, I also double check for defects as the arrangements are created, so that your bouquets, arrangements & installations are as perfect as possible.

Why choose real flowers?

Nothing can replace the look, smell and feel of real flowers.  There is something incredibly special about having real blooms on your wedding day, they manage to fit with any theme- being down-to-earth for a free-spirited wedding and luxe and opulent for a glamorous wedding.  For an added sensory experience, we can include flowers like freesias or jasmine which will smell gorgeous all day long and forever remind you of your wedding day when you smell them.  Another important consideration is to balance out your gorgeous (and no doubt expensive!) gown, you want to maximise the quality, not cheapen it with sub-standard plastic flowers.  You will look back on your wedding photos for years to come, where details are displayed in full glory- make sure they will be details of quality and beauty!

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Whilst we do everything in our power to make sure the flowers for your day are perfect and delivered on time, sometimes there are events beyond our control that create an added hitch to your day (pun not intended...).  If something of this nature occurs and you need to reschedule your wedding day, we will, of course, do everything in our power to work with you to achieve a happy end result.  We will gladly transfer your deposit to a different date as long as we have availability.  Should we be unable to accommodate your new chosen date, we will refund your payment minus any costs incurred on our behalf, this usually equals 90% of the total cost of your floristry. The exception to this is if we are notified of your cancellation less than seven days out from your wedding day, at this stage we will have purchased all of the necessary flowers, vases and other items and would only be able to return 10% of your payment.  We hope that this will never be necessary, but should the need arise, please let us know as soon as possible.

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