OK. So getting a gift on Father's Day probably wont be a surprise to your dad.  However this collection of goodies is soooooooo much better than the usual socks and undies he is expecting. Are they practical? Yes. Are they exciting? Not so much.....  


This hamper brings the excitement factor with all the goods to settle in for a day to himself- a glazed Robert Gordon mug for endless cups of coffee, delicious Bennetto dark chocolate in his favourite flavour, a little succulent that he can plant that will remind him that you love him every day of the year and a handmade "Happy Father's Day" cookie, by A Little Extra Sweet (right here in Mt Evelyn!), to remind him how special he is!


Of course at this price, you can probably buy him the socks and undies too.... 😜

***Available for delivery on Sunday***


Cosy Dad's Day Hamper


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