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Hi there!

I am Elizabeth Lilburn, the owner, floral designer and head dream-maker at Forget-Me- Not Floret.
Here at Forget- Me- Not Floret, we specialise in turning the floral vision in your head into stunning reality
on your wedding day. We are always on the lookout for industry trends that inspire us, so we can create something modern and unique for each and every one of our clients, our favourite part is seeing happy clients with their bespoke floral creations.  

My love for design started when I completed a Bachelor degree in Communication Design, studying art and design. I didn’t know it then, but this was the first stepping stone to become a florist, learning all the different aspects to design including placements, colour guides, balance and so much more.
Once I completed this degree I found my way into floristry, where I was lucky enough to win the Casey Apprenticeship Award.

After working in floristry for a while, it was time for me to bloom (pun intended!) and start my own business, Forget-Me- Not Floret and here I am.

While working in the flower industry I have competed in many different competitions and won multiple awards. One of my major accomplishments was coming first and receiving a gold medal in the Australian National Worldskills Competition, where I competed against some amazing florists from across the country, you can read about this here.

If you are interested in what we do, feel free to drop in for a chat and to meet our shop dog Luca!

-Liz x

Meet Our Team


Nat Brewster

Hi there my name is Nat, I love seeing people’s faces light up when they receive flowers, they can always make your day brighter.


Stacey Lister

Hi! My name is Stace and I fell in love with floristry 5 years ago and love everything about it!


Luka Pike

Hi, my name is Luka, I enjoy chewing on anything I can get my teeth on and meeting new friends in the shop!

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